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“To get Game-Changing results, start

focusing on Game-Changing thoughts.”

~ Robin Sharma


Your services are determined through our proven process and are based solely on what you need. Our consulting services give you a practical plan. Practice management and human resources will execute and support your plan. Business Intelligence tells you where you’ve been, measures the accuracy of the plan, and clearly shows your progress. The goal is to identify and reduce your liability and risk.

Practice Management

Managing your practice at times can be overwhelming and loaded with roadblocks. Whether you are a standalone practice, a group practice, an academic practice plan or a federally qualified health center, our experienced team provides you the additional help you need to keep things running smoothly.

  • Practice assessments
  • Practice management leadership and support, especially for your small to mid-size practice that requires expertise usually reserved for larger organizations.
  • Interim leadership, fulltime or on a fractional basis
  • Full revenue cycle assessment and oversight
  • Contracting and credentialing for all partner entities
  • New physician start-ups
  • Full service practice management
  • Physician compensation plan development
  • Budget and proforma development and management
  • People management, including workforce planning and onboarding

We are keenly aware that academic practice plans and federally qualified health centers have unique needs and concerns. Our deep expertise allows us to support the specialized issues, especially around needs assessments, strategic planning and organizational changes for these entities.

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