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"Risk management is not about future decisions,

but about the future of decisions that we must take now."

~ Robert N. Charette


Your services are determined through our proven process and are based solely on what you need. Our consulting services give you a practical plan. Practice management and human resources will execute and support your plan. Business Intelligence tells you where you’ve been, measures the accuracy of the plan, and clearly shows your progress. The goal is to identify and reduce your liability and risk.


All organizations will find themselves at risk at one time or another. It is simply because you don’t know what you don’t know until you find out you didn’t know it. As trusted advisors, our focus is to help you identify those areas, and take action to reduce that risk.

  • Provide HIPAA/Security and risk assessments
  • Measure your compliance risk and develop a program
  • Audit, reconcile and manage billing services and clinical documentation processes
  • Audit other key areas of your organization, such as Human Resources
  • Provide targeted training

Reducing risk allows your organization to do what it does best - take care of patients and clients.

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