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Leadership Lessons Learned in Childhood

Anybody who knows me knows that I can talk.  I often laugh that I am still making up for lost time.  You see, I had a speech impediment as a child that prevented me from speaking understandably for many years.  My parents still tell stories of my attempts to communicate with them in which I…

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Color Outside the Lines

When did you stop thinking like a child and turn into an adult?  When did you set aside wonder, play, imagination, and innocence to put on the drab attributes of ‘responsible’ activity?  Was there an unwritten rule in your household that made you do it?  What made you feel that the way you acted or…

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Back to Basics for Revenue Cycle Clean-Up

There’s so much information available for fixing revenue cycle challenges, it’s hard to know what works best for your organization because most of your energy is spent just keeping the doors open. It’s true that optimal front end processes will make the life of your business office much easier. However, no matter how well you…

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